CC Resorts vs Bernie Mev Shoes

We sell CC Resorts and Bernie Mev shoes in our store and we have sold thousands of these shoes to our customers. We only sell three major brands of shoes, so we are experts in these shoes. We wear these shoes and we get feedback from our customers who wear these shoes and keep coming back for more. Lets say we know these shoes inside and out. We hope our advice and experience helps to get into a pair today.

Who are our customers? Well, probably you. The base of our customers for these shoes are women who are looking for a comfortable shoe they can wear all day at work or all day on vacation. Styles vary so you will find a comfortable stylish shoe for just about any age.

Bernie Mev vs. CC Resorts

CC Resorts or Bernie Mev’s, don’t get too hung up on the brand name. These shoes are very similar. If you don’t find any CCR’s in your size, then try a similar looking Bernie Mev and visa versa. We wear these and have thousands of customers who wear these shoes. For most you will love either shoe. We only sell a few brands of shoes, so we know them well. You could say we are specialists in this kind of shoe. Even if you find one style in a brand that fits better than the other, it does not mean that another shoe in the other brand won’t fit just as well.

The CC Resorts Company vs The Bernie Mev Company:

CC Resorts & Bernie Mev Side ViewBernie Mev: Yes Bernie is a real guy who had been in the shoe business for years. His company which produced shoes here in the US made many types of shoes. Woven shoes is nothing new. Woven shoes have been around for centuries. It was the serendipitous use of memory foam and woven shoes that has made this brand so popular for Bernie Mev. The company was purchased by a local shoe store in the New York and New Jersey area and has carried on the tradition of woven shoes that is now synonymous with this brand and of course CC Resorts. The couple that owns this company is keeping it small and experiencing growing pains. They are now expanding into the cheap low end shoe market and you will now find their shoes in low end big box shoe stores. This means it is hard for us to keep stock in all the styles and sizes. Both companies shoes are made in Asia.

CC Resorts: This is an Australian company owned by some guys who had emigrated to Australia. These shoes are very popular there. Relatively new to the US market, they produce a similar product to Bernie Mev. Like the chicken and egg, I have no idea who was first. In fact, their overall shoe motif is similar. This company produces a woven shoe with a similar memory foam comfort design. In fact the name of the company is Cloud Comfort Resorts. We refer to them as CCRs. This company uses a different sole for the shoes but again all things being similar, the shoes are similar. Having undergone growing pains upon entry to the US market, they are growing and improving and more willing to meet the demands of our customers. Both companies shoes are produced in Asia.

Woven Shoe Design Quality:

CC Resorts & Bernie Mev Weave DesignBoth brands use woven shoe designs. The material for the woven fabric is virtually identical. Both are naturally odor resistant (the soles are not). This is where the similarities end.

In the market you will find hand-woven shoes and shoes that are machine woven. Hand woven is better quality and will fit better and wear better. Machine woven shoes will be found at low end stores. Hint, most of our customers are not buying these for the woven design but rather the comfort.

CC Resorts Shoes: These shoes are only hand-woven. There is a factory that makes the shoes, but they have a great program that allows mothers to come to the factory and get a days supply of fabric and soles to bring home with them. They are allowed to make the shoes at home where they can be with their children. At the end of the day, they bring the completed shoes back to the factory to be paid.

Bernie Mev: Bernie is very limited on the amount of information they provide on their shoes. They do say that the shoes that are found in low end mass market retailers is a lower quality shoe. I take it to mean that these shoes are machine woven. The Bernie Mev shoes you buy from The Beadcage is their 1st quality hand-woven shoes.

Shoes Designed for Fashion.

We will let you in on a secret. Most of our customers are not buying these shoes for fashion. However, we believe that as more people that wear them they will become more fashionable. Our challenge is getting these shoes on our customers feet. Once this happens we sell the shoes almost every time. Why? Because they are going to be the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn. The bonus here is that the shoes actually look so much better on your feet and this is the truth. The take home on fashion for these shoes is that our customers are looking for comfortable and sensible shoes they can wear all day long either on vacation or at work. Style while important and getting much better, will be an afterthought with these shoes.

CC Resorts: This company brings on a fashion designer reportedly taken from one of the top shoe fashion designer houses. It really shows with the latest editions to the line. You can now see some cues take from these shoes in some of the newest fashionable shoes coming onto the market. While our customers still demand the more time tested designs from CC Resorts, we have picked up on some of the newly designed shoes hoping our customers are will to step out of their current comfort zone in to some newly designed comfort shoes.

What you will find is a line that just looks better. Soles that will in general complement the woven uppers. Soles that are more effeminate and flattering. Leather backings will tend to match the fabric colors.

Bernie Mev: Bernies new shoes are also showing some trend. It makes me think that many of the shoes come from the same designers. That said, what makes the Bernie Mev like their counterpart is their comfort. What sets Bernie Mev apart is that they have dibs on a brand of soles that CC-Resorts cant get. You will see this difference in the wedges. The Bernie Mev soles on the athletic design shoes tend to be chunkier and wider. Leathers on the backs of the shoes don’t often match well. Bernie Mev does much better with their stand out catwalks and Chanel Me ballet flats.

Comfort and Fit. Bernie Mev vs. CC Resorts

For comfort, you can’t beat either line. CC Resorts wins on the lightest shoe, with one of their shoes measuring at an astounding 4.1 oz. Both brands are virtually weightless.

CC Resorts will use at least 7mm of comfort foam in their shoes. Bernie Mev is tight lipped on the amount they use, but we know it varies between shoes and suspect the comfi’s have the most.

Fit: Well fit is an individual subjective response. Each person is going to have a different idea about fit. For the hand woven shoes, these are hand made and one would expect them to be identical for each size. Because there are so many different weavers, I suspect that there must be subtle differences although I do know that quality control tends to be very good for both companies. CC Resorts is going all European with their sizing so now Bernie Mev and CC Resorts will be in European sizes.

For Bernie Mev, we have seen recommendations for sizing all over the place. Our experience varies between styles of shoes. CC Resorts has a very good guide for their sizing. The bottom line and our recommendation is to try the shoes on for fit. In the store some customers prefer the fit of CC Resorts while others like Bernie Mev and still others like them both. Know that for the US sizes, there is only an 1/8 of an inch difference between sizes. You can make small adjustments to the fit of these shoes by moving around the weave especially at the back of the shoe.

CC Resorts Soles vs Bernie Mev Soles

It is a total toss up here on the soles. It just depends on what you want and like. The soles differ on both shoes. Both have positive and negative things to say about them. We love the soles on both shoes for different reasons. There is no right or wrong on the soles and it will be a personal preference. What you should consider is how the sole looks and matches. Both brands have soles that are shock absorbing and durable. The wedges on the CC Resorts are narrower and shapely, but like many soles are slick out of the box which means after a short walk they should be fine. You will find different materials on the flats soles. The athletic shoes for Bernie Mev tend to have a wider base. No matter which brand, the shoes we sell are all going to be comfortable and look great.

Difference in cost between CC Resorts and Bernie Mev.

Within a range the shoes will be relatively similar in cost. Depending on your retailer, prices will vary. Bernie Mev sells an inferior shoe to discount stores so you can pick up cheap Bernie Mev shoes. We suspect that if you find someone selling CC Resorts very cheap, they may be seconds or returns.

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Great question. Facebook has made several changes over the years which stopped you from seeing the posts from businesses you liked and even your friends and family. Even though you liked us and want to see our posts, Facebook won’t show our posts to you. Well, they will, but we have to pay Facebook alot of money for them to show you our posts. We have over 60,000 fans, but Facebook only shows a few hundred people our posts when we post. Join in the discussion:

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Major Bills Hunters Soap.

Hunters SoapAll natural beef tallow soap crafted by hand using the cold press process and careful aging. This by beef tallow standards has no smell or a natural smell and does not have the heavy beef or bacon smells found in other soaps. This is a clean hard working naturally hydrating and moisturizing soap. You will want to use it for hunting. It has hundreds of other uses also.

  • Handmade Hunters Soap
  • Natural USA Beef Tallow
  • Natural or No scent
  • Naturally hydrating and moisturizing
  • Excellent cleaning
  • No, your dog wont lick you any more than normal
  • Washes your Hair
  • Washes your Body
  • Can be used to wash clothing (see below)

Other Uses:

  • Great for eczema and dry skin
  • Better for babies than baby shampoos (keep out of eyes)
  • Try for chiggers bites
  • Try for mosquito bites
  • Try for poison Ivy
  • Naturally antibacterial

Hunters SoapMany hunters believe that standard store bought soaps (detergents) will scare away the prey (deer). Our store is in the middle of a huge hunting population and probably all of our customers are either hunters or are related to hunters in some way. Hunting is a way of life for many in our area. We have hunters that swear by our product. Unfortunately it is easier to get them to go hunting with you than write a review of this product. However, when they are in our store, they will certainly give us an ear full of how great this soap is. They will use it to bathe in and wash their hair. Some will start using the soap weeks before hunting season. Some have even switched over to using this product all year long because it is that good. Some will even use this soap to wash their clothing in.