Lindsay Phillips Shoe Event

From June 11th through the 20th we will be holding a Lindsay Phillips Shoe Event. We will be having select shoes on special, and if you spend $60 or more you will receive your choice of a select LP Snap or LP Strap. And for every $60 you will be able to pick one. So if you spend a $180 you will be able to select three items of your choice.

Lindsay Phillips – Chrissy Natural

Lindsay Phillips Shoe Event - Chrissy Natural

The Chrissy Natural is a sporty memory foam flip flop which comes with a tan & white tribal inspired signature strap and features a tan puka shell flower.

Lindsay Phillips – LuLu Citronelle

Lindsay Phillips - LuLu Citronelle

The Lulu Citronelle is a classic flip flop which comes with a floral inspired signature strap that features a pink chiffon flower ornament.

Thymes Collection – Bath & Body

During the month of June, all of our remaining stock of Thymes products are 50% off retail prices.

Rosewood Citron

One of our more popular fragrances in the Thymes line is Rosewood Citron. Still available is Body Lotions, Body Washes, Colognes, Hand Creams and Home Fragrance Mists.

Thymes Collection - Rosewood CitronThymes Collection - Rosewood CitronThymes Collection - Rosewood Citron

Kimono Rose

In the Kimono Rose Line, we still have available Body Washes, Colognes and Roller-balls.

Thymes Collection Kimono RoseThymes Collection Kimono RoseThymes Collection Kimono Rose

CC Resorts Sugar Shoes


As with all CCR® lines of shoes, the CCR® Sugar will have a thick layer of memory foam inside to comfort your foot. We know this is at least 7mm of foam. This ensures you have the most comfortable shoes you can find. The attractive matching tan rubber-like EVA soles are designed to have great shock resistance and wear. This line concentrates on comfort and style. They are exceptionally light weight.

CCR Sugar Shoes

For women with foot pain or if you find you cannot wear your shoes all day then CCR® is the shoe for you. Even if you have knee or back pain, this shoe may be the answer to your problems. Even if you don’t have pain, but cannot find fashionable shoes you can wear all day, then these comfortable shoes are all you need. Put on the CCR® shoes and you won’t want to take them off. These shoes are not only beautiful, but they give you the support and comfort you need. You won’t be able to go anywhere without compliments. These sizes for these shoes are:

Sizes for the CCR® shoes are European 36 – 42. This roughly translates to sizes which start at about 5 to 5 1/2 for the 36 and go up to roughly an 11 to 11 1/2 for their size 42. They do not come in narrow or wide sizes.®

We have added four new colors to our popular line of CC Resorts Sugar shoes.

CCR – Sugar Cognac Multi

CC Resorts Sugar Cognac Multi

CCR Sugar Summer Multi

CC Resorts Sugar Summer Multi

CCR Sugar Silver & Bronze

CC Resorts Sugar Silver & Bronze

CCR Sugar Black

CC Resorts Sugar Black