Spirit Jerseys

Spirit Jerseys

During the month of July all of our Spirit Jerseys are $49.99 $19.99. Sizes and quantities are very limited, so don’t wait or we may not have your size.

Cubic Zirconium / Rhodium Plated Rings

Cubic Zirconium and Rhodium Plated Rings - 75% off

There is a limited supply left at this incredible sale price.

This line of jewelry is crafted from a precious brass alloy specially formulated for jewelry to be strong and crack resistant as well as highly corrosion resistant. The alloy is primarily copper and zinc. Once the jewelry is cast, it is then plated in a coating of rhodium. Rhodium is a very rare element similar to platinum, but much more expensive. It is one of the rarest most expensive precious metals. It is a shiny silver color. It will not tarnish or corrode and stays a beautiful shiny silver color for the life of the coating.

This jewelry is plated with coatings of rhodium. Once a piece has passed quality standards, then each CZ gem is securely hand set. Only the highest quality AAA grade Cubic Zirconium gems are used.

For mixed metal settings, the gold is an 18kt Gold plating.

These rings are made with the highest quality materials and great pride has been taken in attention to detail and workmanship. To ensure lasting beauty, protect the item from contact with abrasives and avoid exposure to chemicals, lotions and perfumes. Specifically, we do not recommend having these rings on when going into hot tubs or highly chlorinated pools. Your item should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off when you get home. To clean, use only mild soap and water.

Unconditional Guarantee

Finally, all Blue Luster jewelry carries an unconditional lifetime guarantee, an additional assurance that our jewelry is the finest in the market. You will receive a warranty card with your purchase. If you ever have an issue with your ring, follow directions on the card and send your ring back to the manufacturer. There will be a small shipping and handling fee. Your ring will be repaired or replaced with a new one.

Lindsay Phillips Shoe Event

From June 11th through the 20th we will be holding a Lindsay Phillips Shoe Event. We will be having select shoes on special, and if you spend $60 or more you will receive your choice of a select LP Snap or LP Strap. And for every $60 you will be able to pick one. So if you spend a $180 you will be able to select three items of your choice.

Lindsay Phillips – Chrissy Natural

Lindsay Phillips Shoe Event - Chrissy Natural

The Chrissy Natural is a sporty memory foam flip flop which comes with a tan & white tribal inspired signature strap and features a tan puka shell flower.

Lindsay Phillips – LuLu Citronelle

Lindsay Phillips - LuLu Citronelle

The Lulu Citronelle is a classic flip flop which comes with a floral inspired signature strap that features a pink chiffon flower ornament.