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During our Black Friday Sales Week, one of our exciting offers is our entire line of Kameleon Jewelry & Jewelpops for 50% off. This is for all in stock items. Rain checks and special orders will not be offered for this special. During the check out process, just use coupon code BFKAM50 to receive 50% off your entire order.

This special includes all Kameleon Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Jewelpops, PopRocks, KarmaPops and Earrings.

What is Kameleon Jewelry?

Kameleon allows you to express your style and individuality by giving you hundreds of choices and combinations of jewelry and pops. This way you can be sure to have unique one of a kind jewelry. With Kameleon Jewelpops, you will always have jewelry to match your outfits. Your Kameleon jewelry is infinitely customizable.

Black Friday Sales 2014 Columbus GA Starts Monday 24th at The Beadcage

Black Friday Sales 2014Columbus Georgia’s Black Friday Sales 2014 starts early at The Beadcage. Sales will be the lowest prices for the year on most items. Specials and discounts are up to 75% off. In addition there will be unadvertised specials both in store and online at shopthebeadcage.com. The sale starts Monday November 24, 2014 and extends for one week. This is our biggest sale before Christmas.

Many items at extreme discount will go fast. These are popular items in limited quantity. There are so many discounted items, we can’t showcase them all in the store. You will find additional sale items at our biggest discounts, including beads, on line. Again, many items are in limited quantities and may not be restocked. There will be no rain checks for this special sale.

Why are Black Friday Sales So Early?

For years we have had our Black Friday sales at the traditional times. Cyber Monday sales then followed. We found that many of our regular customers were out of town and could not partake in the deals. This year we want to give some of our regular customers who could not make it in the past, a chance to get in on our biggest sales.

With all of the big box stores competing for your attention and forcing employees to work on the holidays, we are taking a different approach. We have seen the crazy lines and traffic jams at the discount stores at Black Friday. We know that our customers prefer not to be out during this dangerous time on the roads. Having our events early allows our customers to shop in a relaxed environment and take their time. Our customers can park right out front of our doors in a safe easy to manage parking lot in an area of town they are familiar with.

You won’t find any gimmicks like door busters which force you to fight for one or two items. We have sales, plain and simple. You don’t have to think about the item being sold for a lower price a week later here at the Beadcage.


What Stores are Opening on Thanksgiving in Columbus Georgia?

We don’t know what stores are opening for Thanksgiving in Columbus, Ga. All we know is, this year The Beadcage employees will be home celebrating the holiday with their families.

Are your sales going to be good on Black Friday?

We think you are going to love our Black Friday Sales. For the thousands with Beadcage Rewards™ memberships** you will be saving even more.

So many of the large big box and discount stores are competing with each other for sales for such a long period of time this year, you can be sure the deals will not be so good there. If there are specials, there won’t be many good ones. You really have to know your products and prices. Chances are deals will get even better there closer to Christmas anyway.

When we have sales at The Beadcage, we don’t mark up our prices just to put items on sale. Our items are at real sales prices. Our customers know that we don’t offer discounts and sales every week like the big box stores. So when you get something on sale here, it is going to be a great deal. In addition, we don’t carry the same items as all the discount stores. We carry unique items gifts clothing candles and jewelry you just cant get everywhere. When you give a gift from The Beadcage, they will know there was extra thought and love put into it.

We wish you a Happy Holiday! Here is hoping you can enjoy Thanksgiving at home with your family.

From all of us at the Beadcage, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. We hope to see you for our big event starting Monday 24th so we can tell you in person. Don’t forget to place your Christmas embroidery monogram orders early. Our newest designs are so adorable this year. We have them displayed at the personalization counter.

Christmas embroidery monogramChristmas embroidery monogramChristmas embroidery monogramChristmas embroidery monogram

**Beadcage Rewards™ memberships. Offered to all of our customers for free. Sign up is quick and easy. It allows you to receive 10% of your purchase dollars back to spend in the store. Best of all, there is no card to keep track of, we do all the work. Ask your sales associate for more information.



Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Her

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Her for guys who need help. Guys have the hardest time getting gifts, so we make it easy. Hardly any guy wants to “shop” for gifts. It is not easy. For 10 years we have been helping guys look good by helping them with the perfect gift (Usually last minute Christmas Eve at closing time!) You don’t need to walk around a boutique, trying to figure things out by yourself. We understand. We know what she really wants and we make it easy for you to come in and leave with a beautifully wrapped gift in no time.

How to get the perfect Christmas gift for her

Here is how it works. Plan early, plan early and plan early. You can find out what she likes or wants. Take notes on what she usually wears, colors and styles. Take pictures with your phone when she is not looking. Get measurements of her neck and wrists or measure her necklaces and bracelets when she is not around. You could also tell her she can come to the Beadcage and fill out a wish list or a Christmas Registry. Lastly you could always come in last minute and try to pick from what is left in the store, which is our least recommended option. Then you just come in on your time. Please don’t be shy, ask any of our staff for help. Trust that we are used to this, it happens all the time. Don’t try to do this on your own. We then help you to get what she really is going to love. We wrap it for free. You leave quick and easy and is guaranteed you’ll get extra points for coming to The Beadcage and doing it right.

So, here are our Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Her ideas to consider.

Top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Personalized  Camelbak Water Bottle.

#10 Personalized Water Bottle. Yes, it does not sound spectacular. However, it will probably be the one gift you will see her with all year long. Water bottles are an integral part of her life. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to a good bottle. These are affordable and represent a significant value when compared to other bottles. You can make this bottle even  more special when you have us personalize it with her initials or her special phrase. Choose an insulated bottle or one with a filter. There are many styles and colors to choose from. Don’t get the wrong one. Come in and let us help you get the perfect one.

top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Kameleon rings.

#9 A Kameleon Ring: Women love rings and our Kameleon interchangeable sterling silver rings are probably the most popular we sell. She loves sterling silver and you can save money buy only having to buy one ring. With the interchangeable jewelpops or pops, one ring can quickly morph into 100, easily matching every outfit she has.


top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Ribbonwick Candles.

#8 Candles You don’t want to get just any candle for her. Getting a cheap candle is not what she really wants. With three lines of the highest quality premium boutique  candles, you will be sure to find something that will thrill her. All of our candles have amazing strong high quality fragrances. Choose one with a romantic ribbon wick. Go crazy with a super large romantic Ribbonwick Candle and stand that will give her hours of enjoyment. For a more traditional candle, one of the best candles in the country right now is Tyler Candle. With hundreds of the most popular sizes colors and smells to choose from, we can help you get exactly what she loves. We will wrap it for you and get you in and out in no time.

Top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Thymes lotions, bath and body.

#7 Thymes lotions and soaps. Nothing goes over better than taking the time to show her you care about getting her something she enjoys. For guys, it is sometimes hard to understand how important her soaps and lotions are to her sense of well being. Don’t go cheap when it comes to bath and body. The Thymes is a high quality premium affordable line of bath and body recommended by all the magazines and has been featured on the “O” list. (She will know what this means.) Here is what is important to know. Find out what types of fragrances she likes and then come in and let us know. We will help you find the perfect fragrance from Thymes that she will love.  With soaps, lotions, perfumes and sprays, we can put together a gift set that will give you bonus points you can carry for a long time. Icing on the cake is getting one of their premium candles to go along with your gifts. She will love lighting this by the tub.

Top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Ronaldo gold and silver wire wrap bracelets.

#6 Ronaldo. Bracelets are all the rage this year. Wire wrap bracelets are particular hot. When you want a higher quality piece of wire wrap bracelet, Ronaldo is our choice. Each bracelet comes with a store. There is a bracelet you give to a little girl and then put it away until she gets married  when you give it back to her. Other bracelets have pearls and stones and come with their own charming little religious stories.

Top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Chamilia-jewelry Interchangeable charm bracelets and beads.

#5 Chamilia (Pandora) Jewelry. This type of jewelry is universally referred to as Pandora bracelets by our customers. Chamilia is owned by the Swarovski company and pieces of this high charm jewelery have been refreshed for this year. If you have not started your Chamilia charm bracelet, you really want to get one for Christmas. This makes one of the best gifts for guys to give. Here is why. You buy your initial bracelet and beads for Christmas. Every occasion you need a gift for after that is simple. You get her to fill out her wish list for beads and charms and when you need a gift, it is a simple trip or call to The Beadcage to get another bead for her Chamilia bracelet. Of all of our gifts, guys love this one to give.

Top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Lampe-berger fragrance lampes and fuels and oils.

#4 Lampe Berger. This is more than a fragrance lamp. It cleans the air and seasonal fragrances make any holiday or season special. You know how she has to have the right scent in the house? Well this clean burning lamp fills the air with a choice of more than 100 fragrances. What is best is you will have a choice of more than 50 different lamps, colors and styles. This product has been around for more than 100 years and collectable pieces can be found in the thousands of dollars. Ours are priced starting around $30, and will give you a free fragrance to try.

Top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Swarovski-jewelry Mariana necklaces.

#3 Swarovski Jewelry. There is nothing we carry as timeless and fashionable as Swarovski Jewelry. Every woman needs one set of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry. Our Mariana jewelry is fabulous with pieces designed with set Swarovski Crystals, designed and made in Israel. What better to give at Christmas than a gift made in the Holy Land. One of the pieces we love in this line is the guardian angel necklace. This is beautiful Swarovski Crystals on the front and when you turn it around, you have your guardian angel.

Top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Silver-jewelry and CZ diamonds.

#2 Sterling Silver and gold diamond* (CZ) Earrings. You know she wants them, but these cost a fortune at the Jewelry Stores. We have the solution for you with our stunning sterling silver (and gold) CZ earrings priced at 50% at The Beadcage. This is a fraction of what they will cost at the Jewelry store. Whats best is you can’t tell the difference! Earrings are in rhodium plate, sterling silver, and 14 carat gold. Make her Christmas Gift really special with a diamond* ring to compliment her earrings.

Top 10 best christmas gifts for her. Alex and ani bracelets.

#1  Alex and Ani bracelets. If you haven’t noticed all the women around town wearing the stacked charm bracelets, you will now. This has taken the country by storm. This is the one gift you have to have this year. Even if it is just one, you will want to stop by and let us wrap at least one up for you.