Natural Soap Lemon Cream Shampoo

I’m in charge of the website department at The Beadcage. I spend my days writing code, optimizing the web site, and overseeing the running of our internet stores. This means by default I run a mirror image of our brick and mortar boutique, online. It also means I have been describing our Major Bill’s (Second Hand Dog Soap Co.) natural handmade soaps for the internet site and also selling them for years. Guess what? I never tried them. I’m not one for change.

Worries About Trying The New Soap.

Major Bills Beef Tallow

I work closely with the owners husband and he uses the soap. When he found out I never even tried it, I had to endure days of his lecturing and cajoling. So to shut him up I bought a bar of the Major Bill’s Beef Tallow Soap to take home and try. To be honest, I was not thrilled by the mild neutral smell as I was used to heavily scented store brands. I was also worried about my skin as I have very sensitive skin, particularly my face which tends to break out so I rarely use soap on my face other than what runs off my hair. I was using the Axe body wash, so you can imagine my hesitancy of using something different and something without a smell. I was also worried I would be making myself into a chew toy for my dogs by using a beef tallow soap. But I was going to be part of the team and give it a shot.

Which of Major Bill’s Soap’s Do I Use Exclusively?

Major Bills Beef Tallow was the first all natural handmade soap I tried. I now use the Lemon Cream Shampoo soap by Major Bill exclusively.

What is a Dammit Doll?

A dammit doll is a stuffed fabric doll with a cute little inspirational saying.

“Whenever things don’t go so well, And you want to hit the wall and yell, Here’s a little Dammit doll, That you can’t do without. Just grasp it firmly by the legs And find a place to slam it. And as you whack the stuffing out Yell “Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!”

Dammit Dolls Tax Season

The dammit doll is the timeless little doll that will serve tirelessly to comfort you when going through tough times. When you are frustrated you can always turn to your dammit dolls. You can bang the doll instead of someone else, let it out on your your trusted doll. It is perfect for those in the hospital. If you are having a baby you will need two or three. For anyone who is working on beating cancer, a dammit doll is a necessity and is the perfect gift. You will want to keep one in every car for times when traffic is just out of control. If the kids have just got on your last nerve, that is when you will need this more than anything. There are thousands of uses for the dammit doll. There are millions of occasions where your doll will gladly step in to calm you down.

Dammit dolls are machine sewn by hand and made of high quality fabrics and stuffing materials.

There are several ways to use them.

Specialist Dammit Doll: You can always name it something or someone that frustrates you. Write the name right on your doll. You can have one for each frustration.

Generalist Dammit Doll: You don’t have to name it if you don’t want to. One will work well for all your frustrations.

Size: 12″ x 5.5″

Embroidered Birth Announcement

For personalized embroidered birth announcement, we get it. We have babies too. Get the quality you expect when your subway art embroidered birth announcement is done by The Beadcage. We know what it means to design and create something perfect to last a lifetime. Have the personalization done by us and rest assured it is going to be just perfect.

What is Subway Art Embroidery?

Subway art embroidery is just a fancy way of describing the art form of arranging words an letters in an unusual way that is pleasing to the eye. The design includes different fonts sizes and positions of the words to make a piece of art. It is different from the subway graffiti you may be thinking of.

How perfect is your new baby?

Your new baby is just amazing. What better way to commemorate the birth than to have it documented in a beautiful piece of art for a lifetime? You are going to want to have a piece to frame, a piece for the baby’s crib and of course pieces for the grandparents. You name it, we will get it done for you.

Whether it be burlap or cotton fabric, it will look great in a frame when you choose the best colors. Not great at matching colors? Don’t worry. Our professional artists and color experts will work with you to get something that looks like it came from a gallery. We have bulap fabric to choose from or bring your own piece of fabric and let us work our magic. The one piece you do want to have embroidered is the baby’s onesie they wore home from the hospital. Just wash it and bring it in.

You will have to have a minky fabric piece done for the babies crib. We have minky and minky dot fabric blankets to choose from or bring yours in.