Lampe Berger Rare & Hard to Find Lamps

We have nearly two dozen vintage and discontinued lamps that have not been available anywhere for purchase for sometime now, and if you can find them, you won’t find that at a cheaper price.

Some of our vintage/rare lamps for sale

Nostradamus #5669

Lampe Berger – Nostradamus #5669

Miss Lily #5650

Lampe Berger – Miss Lily #5650

The Infante #5659

Lampe Berger – The Infante #5659

Cleopatra #5638

Lampe Berger – Cleopatra #5638

Rosa #5597

Lampe Berger – Rosa #5597

Symphonie Exotique #5656

Lampe Berger – Symphonie Exotique #5656

Rea by Sylvie Langet #5654

Lampe Berger – Rea #5654


Lampe Berger – QUEEN OF SABA #5566

Etoiles Filantes #5671

Lampe Berger – Etoiles Filantes #5671

Together #5672

Lampe Berger – Together #5672

Adam & Eve #5667

Lampe Berger – Adam & Eve #5667

Globus #5673

Lampe Berger – Globus #5673

Clip #5668

Lampe Berger – Clip #5668

Lampe Berger - Poppies #5674

Lampe Berger – Poppies #5674

Lampe Berger - Cobra #5675

Lampe Berger – Cobra #5675

Vibration #5664

Lampe Berger – Vibration #5664

Erwan #5665

Lampe Berger – Erwan #5665


Lampe Berger – ALTESSE #5595

What is a LB fragrance lamp?

With the LB lamps you have scientifically proven safe and effective odor removal that has been around for over 100 years. In addition, you have a beautiful piece of art to look at and pass down from generation to generation. With the ozone machine, on only get a 5 year warranty. LB vessels have been working for over 100 years, faultlessly, and they look so much better than an ozone machine.

Happy Fall Y’all!

We have some news we’d like to share. After over 12 years of being part of a fun and happy shopping experience in Columbus, we have decided to close. Everyday I love hearing stories about how my employees helped someone match and find the perfect accessory, or how my monogrammer sat and listened to the needs of a customer and was able to help her find the perfect design. Making someone’s face light up by helping them really makes our day. I have felt very blessed because every month I have people who see me and come up to me and tell me about a nice experience they had in my shop. Lots of our customers are going to feel sad and upset at this decision, and I totally understand. For me personally, it is a happy decision. With the economy and lots of internet competition, sales for brick and mortar stores are dwindling. It is important to support your local businesses, even if you’d save the “tax” ordering online. The “tax” you’d pay for online sales would stay and help your local community.

The Beadcage will start off the month of October with a 10% off everything sale. We are asking all of our customers to come support us and help us clear out inventory. Please tell your friends to help us with this Going Out of Business sale.

Even though our rewards system ended last month, you will get the rewards system discount (or better) starting Oct 1st for regular purchasing. As we have learned, during the busy times of November and December, the rewards system will be too timely for customers to check out. This has always been a small price to pay for making our customers excited by giving away the “rewards bucks”. However, since this will be our Going Out of Business sale, we are asking you to please bring in this coupon (or copy this coupon to your device) during the 1st 2 weeks of October (Oct. 1st-17th). When you spend $25 you will get $5 off. Then, throughout the month, we will have fun prizes that you can enter to win based on certain purchase amounts.


Paula Rosenberg

Going Out of Business

Things to know as of October 1, 2015

  • We will no longer hold items.
  • No items may be put on layaway.
  • All sales are final.
  • We will no longer be selling Gift Cards.
  • New store hours are Monday thru Saturday 10am EST – 6pm EST
  • Vinyl, Embrodiery & Jewelry Repair will remain their current price

Stuart Abelman Beads

Stuart Abelman BeadsStuart Abelman BeadsStuart Abelman BeadsStuart Abelman Beads

Mr. Abelman makes all of his glass before blowing and creating his master pieces. He works and resides in Van Nuys, CA. Abelman Art Glass can be found in museums, galleries and private collections around the world.

Stuart Abelman BeadsStuart Abelman BeadsStuart Abelman BeadsStuart Abelman Beads

We are offering dozens of Stuart Abelman Beads on our eBay store. So come check out our Blown Glass by Stuart Abelman. They come in Small, Medium and Large. They come in a variety of shapes, we have cylinder, barrel, cone, round, oval and many more.