Gifts for the Team. Team Sports.

Team Sports Gifts

Find the perfect team sports gifts at The Beadcage. School sports and team sports are in full swing this time of year. You love your kids and want them to have something useful safe and popular. Make sure your team has great matching personalized gifts like the other teams.

We all have kids or know someone with kids on a team. Even the grown-ups are out playing on teams. Come the weekends everyone is out participating in one sport or another, driving the kids to soccer or football, or going to watch the games.

Whats the best way reward the kids on your team?

Whats the best way to reward the kids on your team? Well if you are like most parents, you don’t want your kids getting all sugared up on candy and sweets. It is such a time consuming effort to take them out to eat. When you take out, where to you go? Pizza or fast food? It ends up costing a fortune. So how do you tell your team of children they are doing a great job? Well, we have some suggestions at the beadcage.

Did you ever wonder where the other team got their great looking matching monogrammed water bottles? Well, chances are they got them at The Beadcage.

Team Water Bottles. Personalized for each child.

No matter what age your child is or if they are a boy or a girl, they are going to want a monogrammed team water bottle.

  • The most popular water bottles on the market, Camebak water bottles.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • Choose from insulated, non-insulated and filtering waterbottles
  • Costs less than individual bottles of water for the season.
  • Kids will love these and want to drink water.
  • Monogrammed bottles won’t get mixed up or lost.
  • Great team spirit.
  • Choose from hundreds of color monograms and fonts.
  • Choose from initials or names.
  • Put the team name on the water bottle.
  • Quality you have come to expect from The Beadcage.

We have designed monogrammed Camelbak water bottles for cheerleader squads. soccer teams, and football teams. If you have a team or group you want to do something special for, let us help you design water bottles as gifts for the team.

Poo Pourri for Christmas

Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri for Christmas is now back in stock with all new looks for the season. You know you love it. You know you need it. With three Christmas themed bottles and fragrances and the all new Sweet Cheeks gift set, you and any odors will be covered!

Poo Pourri Christmas Secret Santa

This year for Poo Pourri for Christmas includes Secret Santa. Secret Santa comes in a 4 0z. toilet spray with Santa right on the front. “Helping the Naughty Smell Nice.” The art on the bottle is perfect for the season featuring an old time more traditional Santa Clause. It has a little red ribbon and gold bell. This will look great with any Christmas theme and will be sure to brighten any bathroom. It looks so nice, you could use them as ornaments for your tree. This fragrance is vanilla and cinnamon with the odor neutralizing citrus oils you are used to with the Poo Pourri.

Don’t go without your Santa Poo, “because even Santa has to go…” This fragrance for Christmas with Christmas Holly and Evergreen in a base of natural essential citrus oils works to create a barrier to toilet odors. Santa is a bit cartoonish on the front saying, “Ho Ho Ho. Oh no. Gotta Go.” It comes in a red bottle with silver chain. This toilet bowl spray would make a great gift for the kids to leave for Santa just in case he needs to use the bathroom at your house. The kids will love it too for when they have to Poo. This comes in 4 oz. and 2 oz. too.

Bernie Mev Tutti Pewter Comfortable Women’s Fashion Wedge Shoe with Straps

Bernie Mev Tutti Pewter Woven comfort shoes.

Bernie Mev Tutti Pewter Women’s shoe, is a great shoe for all day wear.

The Bernie Mev Tutti Pewter Comfortable Women’s Fashion Wedge Shoe with Straps arrived for the fall of 2014. The Bernie Mev Tutti Pewter comes with an interesting new name “Tutti”. This is a great looking comfort shoe and is destined to be a very popular for the Fall. The Tutti differs from the Bernie Mev Frutti shoe in that the bottoms of the Tutti have less of a heel and a different tread. The criss cross top is in a plain black fabric without the silver sparkles of the Frutti. The size 36 Bernie Mev Tutti Pewter weighs only 7.6 oz (one shoe). The size 41 weighs only 8.6 oz (one shoe). The extra weight when compared to the Frutti is a result of a different material used for the soles of each shoe. One Bernie Mev Tutti Pewter shoe weighs a bit more than an standard smart phone. This means you probably won’t notice you are even wearing a shoe.

The Bernie Mev Tutti Pewter is a completely new shoe and style for the fall 2014. The Tutti is a closed toe. The heel is 1 3/4 inches and the front sits at 1 inch. There is a black “X” band that criss crosses the top of of your foot. The color is Pewter or silver. The color is homogeneous throughout the weave. The specially designed woven fabric keeps the shoes looking good and the proprietary fabric does not stretch. There is a broad tailored region of black suede around the back of the shoe blending into the sides. Inside the shoe there is a thin black fabric lining covering the woven fabric separating your foot from the woven material. Bernie Mev Shoes now sport a “BM New York” bronze button located at the back of the heels of the shoe. They probably did this to improve product branding and let you know you have the real shoe and not one of the small crowd of poor quality copy shoes out there. This “button” is not felt from the inside of the shoe when it is on.