Poo Pourri for Christmas

Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri for Christmas is now back in stock with all new looks for the season. You know you love it. You know you need it. With three Christmas themed bottles and fragrances and the all new Sweet Cheeks gift set, you and any odors will be covered!

Poo Pourri Christmas Secret Santa

This year for Poo Pourri for Christmas includes Secret Santa. Secret Santa comes in a 4 0z. toilet spray with Santa right on the front. “Helping the Naughty Smell Nice.” The art on the bottle is perfect for the season featuring an old time more traditional Santa Clause. It has a little red ribbon and gold bell. This will look great with any Christmas theme and will be sure to brighten any bathroom. It looks so nice, you could use them as ornaments for your tree. This fragrance is vanilla and cinnamon with the odor neutralizing citrus oils you are used to with the Poo Pourri.

Don’t go without your Santa Poo, “because even Santa has to go…” This fragrance for Christmas with Christmas Holly and Evergreen in a base of natural essential citrus oils works to create a barrier to toilet odors. Santa is a bit cartoonish on the front saying, “Ho Ho Ho. Oh no. Gotta Go.” It comes in a red bottle with silver chain. This toilet bowl spray would make a great gift for the kids to leave for Santa just in case he needs to use the bathroom at your house. The kids will love it too for when they have to Poo. This comes in 4 oz. and 2 oz. too.

The Most Comfortable Travel Shoes For Women

The Most Comfortable Travel Shoes for Women are… Well like everything else, different for everyone and every price range and specific for where you travel. I just finished an extensive research on comfortable shoes, reading at least 50 articles and hundreds of readers comments. I combined this with my own experience and what I have learned from selling comfortable shoes for women in my boutique.

Most Comfortable Shoes For Travel For Women.

Try to find the most comfortable shoes for travel in here!

The picture to the right is how I would describe the feeling of trying to find the perfect shoe for travel. You are let loose in this warehouse and told your perfect shoe is in there without any guidance. I bet this is how you are feeling now and how I feel when I go shopping too. Shopping on line can even be worse with all the information and options and no real expert advise. The internet and warehouses are full of unsellable junk shoes that may look comfortable, but who is to know. With so many shoes looking the same, all with different tags and names, you really need some advice from a person with expert experience.


What makes me an expert on Comfortable Travel Shoes?

I’m not the last word on the most comfortable travel shoes, but I have more than enough experience to make me somewhat of an expert on the subject. There are many articles out there written for women promoting shoes that are very fashionable and most times very expensive. There is no way the authors could have walked a mile in every shoe they promote. What’s more is many of these shoes don’t make sense for travel the way many of us do. They are either not fashionable or they are too fashionable. Many of these articles make for interesting reading, but I’m not sure if they are writing for the majority of us out there.
Comfortable Shoes
I own a boutique that sells many items including shoes. I’m in the trenches every day with people just like yourself, looking for nice looking, well made comfortable shoes.  I have to buy shoes that my customers like and they can afford, because really many shoes out there are just too expensive for most of us. I also cannot stock the same cheap shoes we all know can be found everywhere, that just don’t last and they are usually not comfortable. This puts me in a unique position to be sort of an expert on shoes, particularly travel shoes. I have not worn or seen every shoe out there, but I have worn my share of shoes, even before opening my store over ten years ago. I’m just like the average shopper and also spend quite a bit of time in shoe departments and other shoe stores just like you. I like shoes, what can I say? What makes me more of an expert is that I get to shop and choose from more brands and styles at the wholesale level than most who only shop in shoe stores. I get to talk to the designers and manufacturers and I know what shoes are good and which ones never to bring into my store.

We know Winter isn’t here yet, but we are already thinking ahead to sunnier warmer days. Available for pre-order are 13 new pairs of Lindsay Phillips shoes for the Spring 2015 line. We have everything from Espadrilles, Ballet Flats, Sandals and Wedges.

The Lindsay Phillips Spring 2015 shoes will be available for shipment the first week of February, but make sure to pre-order yours ahead of time to guarantee we have your style and size in stock.

Lindsay Phillips Spring 2015 styles and colors:

Rosie Silver
Lindsay Phillips Rosie Silver
Rosie Gold
Lindsay Phillips Rosie Gold
Nicole Natural
Lindsay Phillips Nicole Natural
Bernie Black
Lindsay Phillips Bernie Black
Bernie Platinum
Lindsay Phillips Bernie Platinum
Tracy Cork
Lindsay Phillips Tracy Cork
Megan Black Snakeskin
Lindsay Phillips Megan Black Snakeskin
Megan Tan Snakeskin
Lindsay Phillips Megan Tan Snakeskin
Amanda Turquoise
Lindsay Phillips Amanda Turquoise
Mitzi Black
Lindsay Phillips Mitzi Black
Mitzi Tan
Lindsay Phillips Mitzi Tan
Amanda Tan
Lindsay Phillips Amanda Tan
Meredith Gold Metallic
Lindsay Phillips meredith Gold Metallic